Corporate Social Responsibility

We care, we do help and give back

Avenue Solutions CSR


t Avenue Solutions, we strongly believe that a corporate structure void of Social Responsibility is void of a moral compass.

Based on this belief we commit 2.5% of our service fee proceeds towards providing Humanitarian Assistance and Medical Care for victims of torture to promote good policies and development of human and physical resources for victims of torture and injustices and their families.

The founder of Avenue Solutions – Niania D Touray aka NDT is responsible for the vision of Avenue Solutions and it’s social and civic responsibilities.  

As a passionate believer in protecting and preserving the rights of people and good governance, what was a passion for a cause became a living 48 hour nightmare, when in 2011 in the trying times and years of governance by terror, marked by dictatorship, detention and torture, she was herself picked up on the faithful Friday morning in February 2011, leaving behind an 8 year old son at the time, with no idea if she will ever see him or the light of day again; detained, terrorized  and traumatized like many before and after her she witnessed first hand the fear and reality of victims of political injustice.

The result of which led to an even more relentless struggle to create awareness, aid and support of victims of torture and injustices to have access to medical care and humanitarian assistance.

This cause is still ongoing and fulfilling its purpose for post trauma rehabilitation and assistance to normal life for victims of both emotional and physical torture. She will now continue her work through Avenue Solutions CSR.