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Good Structure and Organisation Makes Investment Easy


o the discerning investors, our one stop shop investment unit is the Avenue Solution. We support both foreign and local investors by providing required facilitation to implement a project in all the stages of the project cycle and at any given point in time. We support clients to gain access to both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for investing in The Gambia. Incorporated in our services are:

  • Facilitate prospecting investors coming to the Gambia by putting them in contact with people and entities they wish to meet

  • Assists with inquiries and information gathering on behalf of the investor

  • Facilitation with obtaining visas and work permits

  • Translation, Legal and Notary Services

  • Facilitation for land allocation, acquisition and construction permits

  • Facilitation for access to utilities

  • Facilitation for Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate.

  • Facilitation to obtain Investment and Tax Incentives.

  • Project Implementation, Monitoring and Measurement of Success

  • Provide Shared and Virtual Office Space for Investors

  • Act as a Representation company for global organisations and businesses interested in doing business in the Gambia. Seeking potential local and foreign partners in the Gambia for potential investors

  • Organise sector specific meetings, conferences and networking session for investors in the Gambia