Art Gallery | Our Concept

5% of all Art sales proceed from Avenue Solutions go towards the promotion of Art & Artist in The Gambia. The very heritage and history of The Gambia is preserved through her Artists and Artisans. Often times the very people that bring life to the past and create the future with colors, images, sounds and textures are often times taken for granted, like air, we often forget that without art and artists there is merely existence not life.

In collaboration with one of Gambia’s finest talents, Njogou Touray, Avenue Solutions aims to maximise and showcase the potential and raw talent of Gambian Art & Culture to diverse people to promote Gambian Art and complement the already existing efforts of the National Centre of Arts & Culture(NCAC).

Njogou is an autodidactic. He has showcased his work in exhibitions in Senegal, Europe and USA. He is also co-founder of charitable organisation Wide Open Walls – an international street art project in The Gambia. In 2016, he directed an award winning movie at the 2016, Rochester International Film Festival, USA.

Clients will find his art gallery in the office walls of Avenue Solutions and can purchase from the office. Clients can also purchase online with reliable and frequent shipment available worldwide.